At Troncellito Law, I work with clients from the initial steps of planning. This means I get involved in clients’ businesses even before they actually form the business. Part of this process involves clients identifying “what” products they want to sell or “what” services they wish to provide.

I am often inspired by the “whats” clients bring to my office. When they speak of “how” they wish to sell their goods or services, their ideas are often cost prohibitive and “too big” for the position they are in. I share various low cost approaches to “being seen” by clients’ intended markets based on individual client goals. However, many of these ideas can be used by just about any business. Here are some low or no cost options to help you gain a foothold in your industry.

1. Attend Networking Events.

Go to every single one you can! Regularly present at these events. Contributions like presentations to the group will make you one of the first people to come to mind when people look for an expert in your area. The key to networking events is not to attend, but to take a lead.

2. Create an Event or Group.

If you are already engaged in networking events, and you are not happy with the format or attendees, you can create an event yourself. In Atlanta, an entrepreneurial professional started called “Atlanta Under 40” because the organizer sought to connect with young entrepreneurs. Also, the benefits of leading a group are inherent when you start a group and you have near instant credibility with most who attend.

3. Write a Book or Pamphlet.

Putting together a publication creates the impression that you are an expert in the field about which you write. This is something that can be used in print, direct mail, or online. If you are an authority, let people know.

4. Establish a Network/Power Partners.

Every business needs other businesses to survive and thrive. Identify other businesses that service the clients you target for your own business. Seeking related or complimentary services will likely have more return than asking direct competitors. However, sometimes it turns out those who seem to be competitors actually are not. Just because there are two hat makers does not mean that they are competitors. If one makes baseball caps and the other makes ski hats, they have a significant potential to be power partners.

5. Freebies.

Engaging in a directed giveaway, focusing on your intended clientele and power partners, will enable those unfamiliar with your product or services to learn and hopefully enjoy them. While this old-school approach has high success rates, it is almost always a driver of success for those businesses that have innovative or never before considered products as well as those business that offer high profit margin services or goods.

6. Internet Presence.

Establish it. Maintain it. Expand it incrementally. EVERYTHING is online these days and even desktop and laptop computers are becoming secondary to the use of mobile devices. Create a mobile presence to ensure that you do not lose business to those who can provide access to their business sooner than you can.

These are all low cost, high return, marketing tactics proven to yield positive results over a relatively short period of time. I hope you put some of these ideas into practice and will be kind enough to let me know how which ones work for you. Happy Marketing!

© 2016 – Michael A. Troncellito Jr., Esq.