The Platinum Level Service Club is comprised of professionals committed to providing the highest quality professional services for Troncellito Law clients. Each professional listed has been prescreened and has either worked with or for Troncellito Law or the law firm’s clients.

After a Troncellito Law client hires a member of the Platinum Level Service Club, Troncellito Law follows up with the client for a full and detailed report of the client’s experience. If a client reports an unacceptable situation related to professional performance or service levels, the Platinum Level Service Club member is immediately removed. Troncellito Law has received ZERO complaints or statements of dissatisfaction about any of the Platinum Level Service Club provider members listed below.

Please keep in mind that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

Troncellito Law cannot guarantee that your experience will be the same as those of past clients. While these are the “best of the best�? that Troncellito Law and Attorney Troncellito have encountered over the last decade, EVERY CLIENT SHOULD CONDUCT HIS/HER/ITS OWN INVESTIGATION of any Platinum Level Service Club that he/she/it is interested in. DO NOT simply, nor blindly, rely on this recommendation.