As Principal and Founder of Troncellito Law, approximately half of my time is dedicated to working closely with corporate and individual clients in a legal consulting capacity while the remainder of my time is divided between contract drafting, negotiations, and trial preparation. I keep a small roster of clients in order to be accessible to my clients when they need me. After all, it does no good to have an attorney who you cannot get in touch with because the attorney handles too many cases and is spread too thin. Limiting the number of clients we have affords each client the time and attention they deserve.

I am a demanding consumer, and I provide service as good as the service that I demand. Communication is essential. I know that the public is tired of having lawyers not keep in contact with them. I have worked tirelessly for over a decade trying to change people’s perceptions of lawyers by and through my own actions.

I recognize professional legal services are generally expensive and can even be obnoxious. That is why I am supremely conscientious about your bills. I do not need to make every nickel I can from every client. Instead, I provide fair pricing, the highest quality legal services, and quality customer service most lawyers talk about but never deliver.

I do zero active marketing or advertising. My clients are exclusively repeat clients and word of mouth referrals. I believe it has to do with the fact that, while obtaining results that clients want, I explain everything to every client on each client’s own “level” so that every client understands everything about their cases.

If you come visit me at my office, you will find a clean, comfortable, and professional environment. You will not find floor to ceiling glass, marble countertops, or cascading waterfalls. Clients are the ones who pay for those amenities in the form of higher fees. So, as a commitment to be constantly mindful of every client’s finances, I provide a comfortable atmosphere without going overboard.

I am happily and lovingly married. I have a step-son with special needs. I learn something new every day in my personal and family relationships. I attended the University of Scranton where I was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration in 1994. I earned my Juris Doctor (law degree) from Rutgers University-Newark in 2000. I am licensed to practice law in all state, county, and local courts in Arizona, the United States District Court (Arizona), Massachusetts, and the US Court of Appeals (1st Circuit).

Prior to founding Troncellito Law, I worked as in-house counsel to a Phoenix area energy drink company, ran my own 7 person injury litigation and commercial law practice, and worked with and for Fortune 100 companies. To learn more about my experience and to see my resume, click here.

In any event, I hope to hear from you. Give me a call at . And, remember … Troncellito Law is YOUR answer.