The Inside Out Program at Troncellito Law is a unique offering to business clients who could use (or arguably should have) in-house legal counsel but, for whatever reason, do not have an in-house attorney. If your organization utilizes outside legal counsel on an “as needed” basis, it is paying too much for legal services. With Troncellito Law’s Inside Out Program, you get the benefits of in-house counsel – accessibility and intimate knowledge of your business goals and operations – without the cost or other inconveniences associated with additional staffing. You get inside counsel that is out of your way. PLUS…unlike in-house attorneys, Troncellito Law can serve as your litigation counsel. Through the Inside Out Program, you get litigation counsel that has intimate pre-existing firsthand knowledge of your business and, in many instances, the same knowledge about the document or transaction being litigated. There is not a better situation to be in when litigating than to have your litigation attorney be the same attorney who drafted your documents and/or negotiated your transaction.

This program is a month to month participation program and is recommended for organizations that will anticipate a need of five (5) hours of legal consultation or service, or more, per month on average. It is for those organizations interested in creating a collaborative relationship with a legal professional but which are not yet ready to make a commitment to an employee.

By paying a monthly retainer on the first of each month, the staff and Arizona Business Attorneys at Troncellito Law will provide:

    1. Initial two (2) hour consultation – FREE;
    2. Guaranteed responsive communication (phone, email, text) within four (4) hours of your inquiry;
    3. Significantly reduced legal fees (see options below);
    4. One (1) on-site visit per month, including free travel time; up to one (1) free hour. (Program legal fee rates otherwise apply); and
    5. Access to Troncellito Law’s Platinum Level Service Club; a group of pre-screened professionals dedicated to the highest levels of professional performance and client service.

Inside Out Options

Inside Out Gold (Recommended for organizations desiring of 5-15 hours of legal service per month)

Monthly Retainer: $ 500.00

Attorney Hourly Rate: $ 240.00 (Reduced from $315.00)

Paralegal Hourly Rate: $ 99.00 (Reduced from $130.00)

Inside Out Platinum (Recommended for organizations desiring 16+ hours of legal service per month)

Monthly Retainer: $ 1,000.00

Attorney Hourly Rate: $ 225.00 (Reduced from $315.00)

Paralegal Hourly Rate: $ 93.00 (Reduced from $130.00)