Having the right litigation attorney is essential when businesses (or their owners) are sued or need to file suit. The right litigation attorney makes all the difference in a personal injury or other personal lawsuit as well.

At Troncellito Law, we do not tell you what you need to do based on your legal situation. Instead, we ask what you want to accomplish. We want to immediately learn, and will forever focus on, YOUR goals. Once understood and agreed upon, our attorneys engineer and explain the processes available and recommend the process believed to best suit your intended goals. This requires a little bit more time up front, but exponentially reduces legal fees (and stress) during the litigation process which can often takes years.

Our Arizona Litigation Attorneys have experience successfully handling the following types of litigation in local, county, state, or federal courts:

Commercial Litigation (including partnership disputes, breaches of contract, breaches of real estate leases, misappropriation of trade secrets, robo-dialing matters, and more)

Personal Injury Matters (including motor vehicle collisions, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice, slips and falls, and product defects)

  • Divorce Matters
  • Internet Theft
  • Harassment Actions
  • Federal Class Actions
  • Real Property Disputes (including quiet title and constructive trust actions)

Whatever your situation is, whether you are considering suit or have just been sued, contact Troncellito Law’s Arizona Litigation Attorneys today to get answers to your questions and make a fully informed plan of action to best serve YOU.

Regardless of the civil litigation matter, Troncellito Law is YOUR answer.